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A Psychic Medium is a person who can act as a medium or a channel of communication between the client seeker and the spiritual entities. There are generally three situations when a psychic has to act as a medium.

1. Seeking guidance for the benefit of the client

Some times the problem of a client is too baffling to be resolved through the available rational knowledge. Even the psychic’s own personal powers of intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, sixth sense, etc. cannot help.

The psychic seeks the guidance of divine entities in such situations. He goes into a state of trance and talks with his guiding spirit. Since the guiding spirit is omniscient, it provides the solution to the problem.

Edgar Kayce was a glaring example of such Psychic Mediums. People would approach him with intricate health issues that had been declared hopeless by the best doctors. He would talk with the spirits and get unbelievably simple and efficacious solutions that would surprise the experts.

 2. Establishing contact between the survivors and the spirits of the deceased

Some times a member of a family dies suddenly. He takes away some important family secrets. Or, he dies a very painful death and cannot express his pain before he dies. His survivors naturally feel distressed at the suffering of their loved one. They wish to know how his spirit feels after the death. There may some similar other questions.

The Psychic Medium goes into trance and evokes the spirit of the dead person. He conveys the concern of the survivors makes enquiries on their behalf and brings back answers for them.

In most cases the answers brought by the Psychic Medium are known only to the members of the deceased family. The spirit also informs the survivors how he felt at the time of the death and shortly thereafter.

3. Proof of the existence of souls

Some people are skeptical about the existence of souls. Since the Psychic Medium brings back the secrets from the spirits that are known to the members of his family alone, the medium psychic proves the existence of the world of spirits beyond any doubt.

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