Medium Psychic

Medium psychic or psychic medium is one who can act as a medium or channel of communication between the world of spirits and the world of human beings.

Medium psychics have an advantage over other psychics in the sense that they not only utilize their own personal powers to answer the queries or resolve the problems of the clients, but they can also seek the guidance and assistance of the spiritual powers. Most medium psychics have their own spirit guides or angels whom they can contact for help.  Earlier the medium psychics would generally go into a state of trance to communicate with their spirit guides.

The psychic mediums would lie on the couch or the bed and go into a sleep like state called trance. They would lose the consciousness of their body and the surroundings. This would allow their own spirit to get detached from the body and move freely in the world of spirits and communicate with them.

Or, the spirit with whom the psychic mediums wanted to establish contact would itself take control of their body and organs and speak through it to answer the queries of the client subjects. Sometimes, even the voice of the psychic medium would change during the course of the trance.

After the communication session with the spirit was over, the psychic mediums would ‘return’ to their original state. An interesting feature of this trance was that the psychic mediums did not know what transpired during the course of trance.

The psychic mediums have, over the times, refined their abilities in such a way that they can contact the spirits or spirit guides without going into sleep-like trance. They can now  answer the queries of the clients and resolve their problems while staying awake and conscious of themselves and their surroundings.

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