People who work as channels of communication generally between two strange, unknown persons are called mediums.

Of course, mediums also help to sort out problems and re-establish relationships among people who know each other but have, for some reason, fallen out or lost trust.

Like several other words and expressions in the mysterious  world of psychics, the word ‘mediums’ stands for psychics who set up channels of communication between the spirits of the recently dead people and their loving survivors in this world.

‘Mediums’ are also called psychic mediums, medium psychics or just channels.

The death of a loved one generally causes a traumatic situation in the family, more so, if the death is sudden and unexpected. The dying person is too young for his age to die.

Or, when a person dies in tragic and painful circumstances, the survivors wish to know how the dead person felt at the time of death. How much pain did the deceased experience? In some cases, the dying people take away some of the important family secrets.

They carry away answers to some critical questions that keep nagging the surviving endlessly. This happens especially when people are murdered and the assassins cannot be traced. The survivors have several questions related to the murder.

Why, where and how it took place, who were the perpetrators, what weapons they used. There are so many other questions that take away the peace of mind not only of the loving survivors of the dead, but also of the law enforcement agencies probing such cases. Some cases prove almost impossible to crack.

Besides people who are immediately concerned with the death of their loved ones, there are hordes of other people who have a kind of academic interest in inscrutable  mysteries surrounding the questions of  life and   death.

Where does the person go away after the death? Is there any world beyond this planet? Is there a rebirth after the death? Is there anything called soul or spirit? What does it look like? Where does it reside?

Psychic mediums are the experts who provide reliable and accurate answers to all these questions of the survivors of the dead, the academics and the skeptics.

How do the psychic mediums perform their function?

Psychic mediums go into a kind of transcendental state called trance. It is a sleep-like state wherein the psychics lose the consciousness of their bodies and surroundings. This state of the loss of consciousness is simultaneously accompanied by an activation of their spiritual powers.

They go into the other world, an astral world or the world of spirits. Some psychics give this world their own name depending upon their experience.

For example, John Edward calls it the crossover world or cross country where the spirits of the dead people cross over to after they leave the bodies on the physical plane. Sylvia Browne just   calls it the ‘other side’.

Once in the other plane of existence, the psychic mediums get in touch either with their own spirit guides or the spirit of the dead person. They ask the questions that their loving survivors are most concerned about and bring back their answers. Psychic mediums like Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts go into this kind of trance.

But not all the psychic mediums go into the kind of trance where they lose consciousness of their own bodies and the surroundings. Instead, they go into a state of wakeful trance.

It means that they remain aware of themselves and their surroundings and this is how they ‘field’ the questions of the audience. Psychic mediums such as John Edward, Sylvia Brown, James Van Praagh, Jeane Dixon, Allison DuBois and many others like them go into this kind of trance.

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