The Meaning of Tarot Cards

Do you want to know some of the tarot card meaning? Then, let’s start with the Major arcana cards.

  • Chariot- meaning car, it appears as an armored warrior or a car with the throne inside it.  It means war or struggle and hardship.
  • Death- appears in skeletal death figures or wearing black robes. Sometimes death card means literally death. It also serves as warning since it could also mean ‘stop’ and ‘end’ of something.
  • Devil- appears a winged or horned figure. It doesn’t literally mean as Satan, the devil card represents Bacchus, the “God of Pleasure”.
  •  Emperor- appears as a throne or a scepter, an eagle and sometimes an orb. The emperor is the leader, the ruler and the source of power.
  • Empress- appears as a gown with pomegranate as decoration. In some cards it also appears as a shield (heart-shaped). This card means creator.
  • Fool- appears as motley clothes, the colorful one. It could be a dog or a cliff.  This card means infinite possibilities.
  • Hanged man- appears as a man hanged over the tree.  It also means the traitor.
  • Hermit- appears as a monk with lantern. This card means deep thinking and analyzing.
  • Hierophant- appears as two acolytes or twin pillars. Meaning seeker of wisdom.
  • High priestess- appears in two pillars with B and J letters on it. It opens different possibilities in life including career and family.
  • Lovers- appear as an angel. It could also be cupid or a figure of man and woman. Lover card isn’t really mean about love between destined partners. It also means a good relationship between friends and family members.
  • Wheel of fortune- appears as a wheel figure. This card usually corresponds with luck of a certain individual.
  • Strength- in many cards it appears as a lion figure. There are also card that shows a woman with lemniscate over the head.

Those are some of the major arcana tarot card meaning. Next are some of the minor arcana cards. Minor arcana have four suits and each suit has fourteen individual cards. There are a total of fifty six cards all. The four suits represent four different elements.

  • Cups represents water and emotion
  • Pentacles represents earth and physical
  • Swords represents air and thought
  • Wands represent fire and spirit

Under the cups suit, have fourteen different cards.  It includes the ace of cups up to the tenth of cups.  Then, there are the page, knight, queen and the king of cups. The same number and names were given to the remaining three suits (Wands, pentacles and suits). Each of the cards under each suit has corresponding positive meanings as well as its ‘reversed’ meaning.

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