What is a Psychic Reading?

The simple word ‘reading’ appended to ‘psychic’ in the title means much more than what it literally conveys. Normal reading generally remains limited to understanding the meanings of the words, phrases and sentences of a given script.

Psychic reading goes much beyond that. It is a comprehensive study of client’s physical features and his psyche.

The study is conducted in a way that one step naturally and logically leads to another and yet another. The psychic reading that thus emerges presents a crystal clear picture of the client’s present, past and future.

It means that psychic reading not only involves reading the external features  of the clients’ personality, but also going deep within him - into his mind, soul or spirit.

Psychic reading is, in fact, a multi-dimensional and a multi-faculty process.

How is psychic reading a multi-dimensional process?

Let us consider what generally happens when two people interact with each other in the course of their daily life.

Let us call the first person A and the second person B.

As the first step, ‘A’ forms impressions about the nature, character and personality of ‘B’ just by looking at his external—physical features. He also tries to read his body language. This is the first dimension, ie., reading the external features of a person.

In the next step, A interacts with B and tries to establish whether the impressions that he formed by viewing the physical features and sensing the body language of B can be confirmed through interaction or not. This is the second dimension. The interaction aims at providing an insight into the nature of a person.

But psychics are not an ordinary people.

Psychics are endowed by certain innate qualities of head, heart and soul. They are spiritually elevated people more like the prodigies who amaze us by their extraordinary intelligence and skills in diverse fields such as mathematics, music, science and so on.

So when it comes to psychic reading, the psychics use their extraordinary powers to thoroughly scan the face of the clients including their eyes, forehead and other features.  Then he sizes up his body. The physical examination is followed by reading the aura around the head and the body of the client.

The psychic scan does not end here. Each one of us is continually releasing certain vibrations that are unique to our nature and personality. The psychic grasps those vibrations.

It is in this sense that psychic reading is a multi-dimensional process.

It should be noted that all the three readings take place simultaneously, almost instantaneously—just at first sight.

Armed with the data as detailed above, the psychics deliver their considered judgment, in other words, psychic reading.

How is psychic reading a multi-faculty process?

A question arises, how does a psychic deliver such a detailed reading? The answer to this is that the psychic is blessed with a host of extraordinary mental and spiritual powers. Some of the important powers that great psychics have are intuition, telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and so on.

Besides these powers, the psychics also have certain powerful tools in their repertoire. Some of the important psychic tools are astrology, numerology, tarot reading, psychometry, palmistry, aura-reading, crystal gazing, cartomancy, and so on.

It should be noted that these tools do not work on their own. The psychics wield them by using their spiritual powers enunciated above. This is how the psychic reading is given.

Psychic reading, thus, provides:

  1. Mental picture of the client
  2. Traits of his nature and personality
  3. Actions that naturally flow out of such traits
  4. Consequences of the actions that determine his future
  5. Guidance and counseling to overcome the problems and achieve the desired goals.

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