How to Become a Psychic

To become a psychic means to learn how to analyse the  nature and personality traits of individuals  and the situation they are involved in, make predictions about their future and provide guidance to help them achieve their aim. In short, it means how to become a psychic.

This is another way of saying how to acquire the virtues, the extraordinary capabilities or powers that characterise the psychics and make them stand apart from ordinary people.
The truth is that most great psychics are born with psychic powers. They inherit them from their parents or grandparents — especially from the mothers and grandmothers. Strange though it may seem, women are more amenable to acquiring psychic qualities than men.

The reason probably behind this assumption is that women are blessed with more sensitive nature and empathy than men. This explains why there used to be more witches rather than their male counterparts in earlier times.

Going by this logic, if you are a woman, you can acquire psychic abilities more easily and naturally. This is, however, not to deny that men cannot be good psychics. Pythagoras, Edgar Cayce and John Edward and many more men psychics have won laurels in their fields.

Besides inheriting psychic powers from the parents, some psychics bring them from their past births. They develop them by their personal efforts and carry them forward as a process of their spiritual evolution.

A majority of people are not that lucky. This does not mean that they cannot develop psychic powers. The truth is that every human being is blessed with psychic powers at varying degrees. The problem is that the psychic powers appear and disappear in ordinary human beings involuntarily. They cannot evoke these powers whenever they want like professional psychics.

The secret of developing psychic powers lies first in identifying your forte and then developing it. You can acquire psychic powers by studying psychic literature and  learning them from a guru. In both the cases, you will have to learn the art of meditation and observe a rigorous self discipline.

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