Psychic Mediums

What is a Psychic Medium?

A medium or a psychic channel is a specialist, who connects the living people with the spirits of the dead. A psychic medium deals with some of the following questions.

What happens after the death? Is there a world of spirits, if so, where is it located? How do the spirits look like? What is their role in the lives of the people of this world?  Why does a person suffer for no apparent cause? Why do some people fail miserably despite best efforts while others enjoy all the good things of life without any conscious effort?

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A psychic medium or channel is a seer or a sage who is endowed with an ultra sensitive mind and soul. It means that they can attune to the vibrant celestial energies such as spirits, angels or even ghosts whenever they like.

We are all born with special powers often called intuition, which defy reason in science. The fact that these powers belong to the metaphysical world, we tend to look down upon them as being irrational and illogical. Given the fact that we suppress them, they slowly get buried under our ‘rationale’ responses and we lose touch with them completely. Occasionally, however, there is a flash, we get a glimpse, but then all is forgotten. Psychics, on the other hand, are people who keep these special powers alive and use them for the benefits of mankind.

There are numerous other similar questions that have taken away the peace of mind of a large number of people.

A psychic medium provides true answers to such inexplicable questions by going into trance. He evokes the spirits of the dead, or his own spirit guide or angel as the need may be.

It is essential to go into a state of trance to communicate with the spirits because they are made up of light and energy. It is not possible to interact with them with the five physical senses.

A state of trance makes the medium forget or get detached from the physical body and its senses. His divine energy, which lies dormant in the day-to-day busy life, wakes up during the trance and facilitates an intelligible communication with the spirits.

It must be noted that most people are interested in getting connected with the spirits of their loved ones just to get answers to some of their worldly questions. The psychic medium, of course, obliges them by satisfying their curiosities.

A psychic medium, can look beyond this world and communicate with the divine entities or the spirits of the dead people in two ways.

One way is to go into trance or a sleep-like state. It is a special state when the spirit or soul of the psychic becomes more active and sensitive than the body. In fact, it subordinates the body to obey its commands.

When the loved ones of the deceased asks questions, the spirit of the dead person, which almost takes control over the body and organs of the medium, immediately provides the information.

The process of communication is as instant as it happens in our day-to-day interaction with the fellow human beings. The survivors quite often feel pleasantly surprised when the information provided by the psychic medium is known only to them and no one else outside the family.

The second way a psychic acts as a medium is that he interacts with the spirits without formally going into trance. He performs the double function of dealing both with the survivors and the spirit of the dead simultaneously in an apparently normal manner. John Edward, Sylvia Browne and many others like them are psychic mediums in this category.


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