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How should medium readings be used?

The truth is that medium readings should not be used to resolve problems of temporary nature. They should be used to improve the quality of life of the people. This is what John Edward, one the most reputed psychics of our times, aims to do with his medium readings. After answering the questions of some members of his audience, he visits their homes to see if his readings have brought any improvement in the quality of their lives.

In the same way, our Psychic Mediums aim to bring closure to the passing of your loved ones and bring a new beginning to your life. Our Psychic Medium Readingss can help you and provide you with answers that you need.

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Most people do not believe in the existence of spirits. They do not know anything about past life and the role of karma in making their life happy or sad. This is the reason that they continue to suffer in their life.

A revelation about the existence of spirit, the immortality of the soul and the role of karma can bring about a radical change in their views on the reasons of sorrow and happiness.

Medium readings can establish a relationship between the karmas in the past life with the happiness or sorrows in present life which in turn can influence the future.

Communication with spirits through wakeful trance

A true and exalted medium does not always need to go into sleep-like state of trance in order to connect with the spirit entities. Medium psychics like Sylvia Browne, John Edward, Allison Dubois, James Van Praagh and many others do not go into that kind of trance during their live television programs. They remain wakeful and fully conscious of their surroundings and the audiences and can still connect with the spirits.

This is how most psychic mediums provide readings to their clients over the live chat or the telephones. While a part of their ‘self’ connects with the divine energy, the other part answers the questions of their clients or clarifies their doubts.

In other cases, the divine spirit takes possession of the consciousness of the psychic medium and delivers the reading to the client. The guiding spirits can take hold of the hands of the mediums and make them write what they dictate.

This is how Jane Roberts wrote several books on the Seth Material. She even refused to acknowledge that she was the author of her books. She attributed the entire revelations to her spirit guide and mentor, Seth.

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